CNC Swiss TurningComputer numerical control (CNC) Swiss turning is a precision machining process that employs a specialized Swiss-type lathe to produce intricate and detailed custom parts and components from stock material. Similar to the computer-controlled lathes used in conventional CNC machining operations, lathes for CNC Swiss turning operations employ computer programs that dictate the positioning and rotation of the workpiece along two axes against a single-point cutting tool.

As the workpiece rotates, the machine tool shapes it into the desired shape and form. Although both CNC turning methods are suitable for reliably producing parts in prototype to short volume production runs, CNC Swiss turning is more accommodating of thin and long parts, while conventional CNC turning is better for thick and short parts.

At Buell Automatics, we offer CNC turning services for high-precision metal parts and components. Equipped with Citizen Swiss turning machines, our team can handle even the most intricate and complex part design.

CNC Swiss Turning Operations

Industry professionals employ both lathes and turning centers for CNC Swiss turning. Compared to traditional lathes, CNC turning centers offer greater versatility as they allow machinists to perform more operations, such as: 

  • Threading. CNC turning centers enable threading to occur during the turning process, eliminating the need for a separate threading stage.
  • Facing. This operation trims the part to size and cleans the edges for a more polished finish.
  • Knurling. During the manufacture of tools, this process presses a pattern into the surface that facilitates gripping and handling.
  • Drilling, Boring, and Reaming. Similar to how they handle threading, turning centers save time by enabling manufacturers to complete these three processes in one step.

What Are the Benefits of CNC Swiss Turning?

CNC Swiss turning offers a number of benefits over other machining processes, such as:

  • Compared to manual turning: greater precision, versatility, and production efficiency, lower risk of human error and injury, and better repeatability/uniformity of parts
  • Compared to conventional CNC turning: better suitability for long and thin parts
  • Compared to CNC milling: accommodates cylindrical part designs with external AND internal features

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Why Choose Buell Automatics for CNC Swiss Turning?

Established in 1966, Buell Automatics is an IATF-16949 registered, ITAR registered, and ISO 14001 compliant family-owned company that has long been a trusted source of quality precision CNC machining services. Our CNC Swiss turning offers a range of machining capabilities that accommodate intricate and complex designs with tight tolerance requirements. Whether our customer needs a high-precision turned metal part in prototype or production volumes, our expert team is ready and willing to tackle the project. 

At Buell, we continuously expand our CNC machining facility to incorporate the latest in machining technology. This forward-thinking allows us to keep pace with the times and offer our customers the best possible service. 

If you’d like to find out more about CNC Swiss turning or are interested in partnering with us for your machining needs, contact us at (585) 328-7430 or request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.