Buell Automatics, an IATF 16949 registered company, has been providing CNC precision turning services since 2007. Assisting clients throughout every step of the manufacturing process — from initial design, production planning to shipping finished product. To better illustrate how we work with customers to craft high-quality, customized solutions; we’ve outlined a case study below.

The Problem

A new Automotive program was ramping up with an existing customer and they didn’t have a reliable source for their CNC Turning components they could rely on. The material was 304 Stainless steel, through drilled 2” (50 mm) minimum, precision turning on the outside diameters for a family of parts in a mid-volume automotive fluid control fitting application.

One significant challenge was not only the material and depth of the through hole, but our customer’s plan to perform an additional milling operation upon receipt. This would add time and cost they wanted to avoid.

The Solution

Through our engineering, quality and management teams APQP, we were able to earmark and address potential failure modes, secure material, machine time, attachments for the machine and tooling to meet the scheduling and design challenges. Buell’s planning regularly entails having a plan “A” and “B” so we aren’t held up on by unforeseen issues. This philosophy again enabled us to have varied solutions.

We first were able to acquire a special attachment for the mill cut. Through the use of our Espirit design software, program the movements to eliminate this milling requirement and deliver a part complete to print and ready for use.

Another challenge cutting Stainless Steel is tool life and chip control. With support from our vendors, we were able to optimize our material sourcing using high-quality vendors, optimize our cutting fluids and tool design to increase our through-hole tool life by 1800%.

The Result

We’ve been able to support our customers Fluid Control fitting needs and are quoting future programs that include Air Control Fittings and Valve applications as a result of our team’s consistent efforts.

The solutions learned through this process has enabled us to pursue similar Fluid Control applications and provide competitive solutions to our customers ever changing needs.

Buell had been a reliable source for over a decade who had a solid quality, price and delivery record so we were a logical source to support this program. Once committed, we had less than 8 weeks to submit prototypes, test, adjust designs, re-prototype, PPAP and deliver production.

The customer is very pleased with the program outcome and has partnered with Buell for additional projects.

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