As a family-owned company, we have meticulously crafted small precision products that have revolutionized a multitude of industries and applications. Our arsenal of over 50 multi-spindle Davenport screw machines symbolizes the pinnacle of our ingenuity, offering unparalleled versatility through distinctive features that have been thoughtfully designed and developed by our expert team.

At Buell Automatics, we are proud of our heritage, our team’s efforts, and the solutions we have provided to design challenges across industries for over five decades. We continue to reduce costs, variability, and lead times, all while upholding the highest standards of quality and service that our clients have come to expect from us.

High Pressure Coolant-Through Drilling
High Pressure Coolant-Through Drilling Designed for deep-hole applications for almost any material. Results in faster cycle times, ability to produce more complex parts and all at a lower cost than our competitors.




PATENTED Short Part / Broken Tool DetectionPATENTED Short Part / Broken Tool DetectionThe system ensures when a short part or broken tool is detected the machine stops and the custom diverter chute sends the suspect parts away from good parts. The best part is the machine won’t run unless the system is working correctly!




Sensi-Buell MRP Software Sensi-Buell MRP Software Designed and developed by our team to ensure tools are changed before they fail, provides real quality and production performance to our employees, inventory control for tools and efficiency information for quoting. Ensures the quality and consistency our customers expect!




Machine Rebuilding Machine RebuildingAll our machines are rebuilt to OEM or better standards to ensure our quality and engineering standards are consistently met. Well maintained machines make for happy employees as well as productive employees.





Screw Machined Components

davenport screw machine components

Davenport machined examples

Screw Machining Capabilities

Our precision screw machines can handle the following processes:


  • Flat generating single or double flats along the axis of the part
  • Single slots, flats, hex shaped, square shaped & keyway milling


  • Able to deep hole drill in single shot in most applications
  • Helps remove chips in blind hole applications
  • Eliminates double/triple drilling. opening of extra positions


  •  Capabilities of internal & cross tapping
  • Both cut & form tapping


  • Thread rolling from side positions (b,c & d positions)
  • Thread rolling from end positions (cut & roll forming)


  • Capabilities of bump, scissor knurling & broaching
  • End roll knurling & internal knurling


  • Capabilities of cross drilling within c & d positions with countersinking to help remove excess burrs


  • Internal & external broaching capabilities
  • Hex, square & other shapes
  • External stampings
  • Side marking or end markings


  • Capabilities of holding tighter id’s with coolant drill capabilities

Equipment and Material Capabilities

Our equipment inventory currently includes three Davenport Model B long-bed machines and over 50 standard-bed machines (oversized), which can machine parts with diameters of 3/32 inch (2.0 mm) to 1 inch (25.4 mm), at tolerances of +/-.0005 of an inch.

Common materials worked include aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, tubing, steel, and stainless steel.

Model B

Experience the legacy of efficiency since 1900 with the fastest and most cost-effective multi-spindle machine for high-volume turned parts production.


  • Fast Cycle Times
  • Suitable for Simple or Complex Parts
  • Compact Design
  • Trusted and Proven for over 130 Years

Why Choose Buell for Your Davenport Machining Needs

Dedicated to optimal quality and safety, Buell proudly meets key industry standards, including ISO-9001 certified and we are compliant with IATF.

For more than 50 years, we’ve been helping customers bring their metal-component designs to life and assisting them every step of the way. From prototype to PPAP; low to high volume. Buell is here to support your needs.

Choose Buell Automatics for your Davenport machining needs and experience the pinnacle of precision, quality, and reliability. Our dedication to innovation and exceptional customer service sets us apart in delivering solutions that exceed expectations.

For us, no project is too small! To get started on your next manufacturing project or to learn more about our services, get in touch with the team today.

Partner with Buell, where your machining challenges transform into unparalleled success stories. Let’s create excellence together.