Rochester, NYYou’ve been running your business for a while now. Things are going well, but you’re noticing that your competition is beginning to outpace you. It would be best to find a way to improve your efficiency and get ahead of the game. That’s where precision machining comes in.

Machining services can help you create parts and products that are more accurate and consistent than ever before. Buell Automatics in Rochester, NY, provides various services, including CNC machining, fittings, passivation, screw machining, grinding, and more. Our knowledgeable staff can handle any job, big or small.

What is a precision machine shop and what do they do?

Precision machining, defined by Goodwin University, removes extra raw material from a workpiece while maintaining close tolerance to create a final product. It is also described as the art of creating accurate and precise cuts and pieces with sophisticated machinery and equipment.

This is a common type of machine shop that’s found in almost every industry, from aerospace to automotive to medical care. It is a manufacturing facility that produces high-precision parts and components. You may create a higher-quality product that will match or exceed your customer’s expectations by improving the precision and uniformity of your components.

We also provide CNC precision machining parts, which is a computerized method that uses computers to control machine tools. CNC machining may be used with a variety of materials, including metals, polymers, and composites.

What are the benefits of working with a precision machine shop?

There are many benefits of working with a precision machine shop, including:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Competitive prices
  • High-quality materials and tools
  • Superior results
  • Experienced team
  • Wide range of capabilities

What are the materials used in precision machine shops?

These kinds of shops may use various materials, depending on the job. Some of the most popular materials used in these types of shops are:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Carbon steel
  • Copper
  • Inconel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium

There are several pieces of equipment used in precision machining services, including:

  • CNC machines
  • Fitting machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Passivation machines
  • Screw machining machines

What is passivation, and why do you need to understand it?

According to Science Direct, the process of passivation is applying a chemical treatment to render a surface inactive or less reactive. Passivation removes contaminants from the surface of metals, which can prevent corrosion and improve the lifespan of the metal. It is typically used on stainless steel and aluminum.

At Buell Automatics Inc, we specialize in Citric passivation services for precision machined parts. This environmentally friendly process, per ASTM A967 removes contaminants from the surface of metals.

How does the process of working with a precision machine shop work?

The process of working with a machine shop is simple. First, you will need to contact the shop and let them know what type of project you need to be completed. Next, the shop will provide you with a quote for the project. Once you have approved the quote, the shop will begin work on your project. The entire process usually takes a few weeks from start to finish.

Why Buell Automatics is an excellent choice for your precision machining needs

Buell Automatics Inc is a perfect choice for your electronics parts machining needs for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Our experienced team can handle any project, regardless of size or complexity.
  • We offer quick turnaround times and competitive prices.
  • We use only the highest quality materials and tools to ensure superior results.

We can help you get ahead of the competition

If you are looking for a CNC precision machining shop in Rochester, NY, look no further than Buell Automatics Inc. We will help you keep up with the competition and improve your bottom line. We have a wide range of capabilities that allow us to create any part or component you need. Contact us today for more information